• Infrared Thermography Inspections
  • Ultrasonic Leak Detection & Leak Cost Studies – Gas, Air,
  • Steam Motor Circuit Analysis (MCA)
  • Power System Services
  • Circuit Breaker Maintenance, Testing & Refurbishment
    • Low Voltage Circuit Breakers
    • Medium Voltage Breakers
    • Medium Voltage Motor Contactors/ Starters
    • High and Medium Voltage Disconnect Switches
    • High Voltage Oil Circuit Breakers
    • Vacuum Circuit Breakers
    • Contact Refurbishment
  • Switchgear Maintenance, Testing & Refurbishment
    • Low Voltage MCC Cubicles
    • Medium Voltage Switchgear Cubicles
    • Medium Voltage Motor Starter Cubicles
  • UPS Battery System Testing and Maintenance
  • Partial Discharge Testing of Low, Medium and High Voltage Electrical Equipment
  • Lightning Protection/ Ground System Testing
  • Protective Relay Testing & Calibration
  • Transformer Testing, Maintenance, and Oil Analysis
  • AC/DC Variable Frequency Drive Service & Maintenance
  • Lubrication Oil Analysis
  • Root Cause Failure Analysis



The MCE Tester, manufactured by PDMA Corporation, is a lightweight, static tester that provides a detailed analysis of motor and circuit condition. This portable unit features diagnostic results that evaluate all five of the motor’s fault zones including the power circuit, insulation, stator, rotor and air gap.

The MCE MAX is a dynamic tester that utilizes state of the art technology to collect data while the motor is operating. This information can be used to evaluate incoming power quality and motor efficiency, as well as the rotor, stator, air gap and power circuit conditions. The data can be analyzed immediately or recalled later for trend analysis.

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